Helical Pier Applications

Applications of Helical Piers

Helical piles are versatile foundation solutions that offer numerous benefits in various industries. Here is a summary of the applications you mentioned:

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  1. Building Foundation: Helical piles are an alternative to traditional concrete foundations, providing cost savings, faster installation, and immediate loading capabilities.

  2. Boardwalk, Dock & Walkway Foundation: Elevated walkways are usually found in environmentally sensitive areas and are used for public viewing of wetlands, marshes, beach fronts, prairies, and historical sites. The installation of helical piles for support is the fastest and most economical solution to getting the project done on time and under budget. 

  3. Deck Foundation: Helical piles provide a stable foundation option for decks, minimizing ground disturbance and causing minimal damage to the surrounding area.

  4. Solar Panel Foundation: Helical piles are utilized to securely anchor solar panels without the need for concrete, facilitating quick installation and immediate loading.

  5. Agricultural Tent Foundation: Helical piles are employed to anchor agricultural tents securely, offering protection from wind and eliminating the need for concrete.

  6. Billboards, Lights, and Sign Foundation: Helical piles are used to support billboards, lights, and signs. They can be easily adjusted or removed, and the piles are installed before concrete sets for easy access.

And the list goes on… House addition, 3-season porch, balcony, staircase, power transformer, carport… These are just a few examples of helical pier applications that highlight the versatility and advantages of helical pier systems in various industries, providing efficient and reliable foundation solutions.


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